About Us

What Is The Association ...

The World Association of Visioneers & Entreprenologists (WAVE), a 509(a) not-for-profit organization, was incorporated February 15, 1991 in Honolulu, Hawaii USA by Dr. James R. Omps, Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii, and his son Dr. James A. Omps, Director, IUE. The Association was developed to offer professional certification and appropriate support services to institutions, organizations and other entities that are, by charter, by design or by nature, entrepreneurial or entreprenological.


It was determined also that selected offerings and appropriate support services would be made available to individuals and professionals with an interest in entrepreneurship, and entreprenology.


WAVE offers:

Course, program and institutional accreditation.

Individual Professional Certification.

iBusiness 2020 Certification developed specifically to certify entreprenological business entities.

What truly makes WAVE unique is the fact that it is the only organization of its kind in the world today that was established specifically to make its programs and services available on a global rather than a national basis. While other recognized organizations are now offering a similar range of programs and services to off-shore schools and institutions on a limited basis, none were ever chartered or established to do so.


Established to provide appropriate support for the entities, men and women who are aspiring entreprenologists … who do see the world differently. The Association's charter, under which it was incorporated in 1991, makes it clear that its entire range of programs and services are open to entities both in the United States and all other nations of the world. Creative and innovative entities - individuals, organizations, institutions, schools and agencies - are the single resource common to all nations, regions and cultures. Let’s work together, because if we work together there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.

A Thought from the President

Today we know there is an unprecedented socioeconomic shift taking place across the world … a shift in how people create professional and personal success. Merging a new idea or vision with creative business savvy has the potential to completely transform lives. Whether talking about micro, small, medium or growing enterprises and organisations, the origination of these kinds of businesses is uniquely tied to an independent, entrepreneurial, and often socially minded man or woman, pioneering new paths without continually giving in to social convention.


Many of these forward-focused change-agents have always been history makers. In decades past, Albert Einstein, J. Paul Getty, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Peter Drucker, Howard Humphries, and many more have pioneered new ways of doing things … ways never before attempted.

These inventors, innovators and creative entreprenologists broke new ground, inventing or producing new inventions, products and services. Today we are advancing from contributions made by people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Jack Ma and others. Common sense dictates that there must be hundreds or thousands … perhaps even millions of potential entreprenologists working in the periphery, positioning themselves to effect even greater change in the weeks, months and years ahead. What we do know, is that creative and innovative men and women have changed the way we function, how we connect with one another to create markets; how we communicate across our own communities, locales, regions, nations and the world; how we continually shrink distance to the extent that we can now perceive our world as a global village.


The men and women I am referring to are Visioneers and Entreprenologists; the people who outstrip the base line - who take the step up from being an entrepreneur to becoming a true change-maker, challenging the status quo and the control that even well-meaning governments might inadvertently exert on our lives, and indeed our very future.


Sir Ken Robinson - a remarkable thought leader on education reform - said, “The real driver of creativity is an appetite for discovery and a passion for the work itself.”The process for transforming entrepreneurs into Visioneers and Entreprenologists, must be, by definition, flexible, fluid, innovative, self-directed and delivered with a spirit of open encouragement to fuse freedom of thought and expression with personal initiative. “When students are motivated to learn, they naturally acquire the skills they need to get the work done. Their mastery of them grows as their creative ambitions expand.” Robinson said.


My experience in corporate and entrepreneurial fields over 30+ years, leads me to believe that the world is finally ready for the changes that are coming … changes that justify the accreditation and/or certification of the non-conventional, be it institutions, programs, courses or individuals. We invite you to ride the crest of an inevitable wave of change that will serve to truly and positively benefit the world for generations to come.