• This is a program for the individual with a desire to grow their enterprise or to grow professionally and personal.
    • The course takes the established entrepreneur to the next level and shows how to effectively manage the internal and external changes constantly taking place.
    • The program keys on those areas known to be critical to continued business growth and success, e.g. accounting, marketing, management, IT and e-commerce.  However, it also looks at human behaviour, communication, leadership and managing people as keys to success. This is a reality-based program providing usable knowledge, skills and information that can be applied immediately.
    • This intensive adult learner-focused program rewards the successful participant with the Certified S/MBA designation.  This says that he or she has a functional understanding of selected facets of business known to be critical to the ongoing success of the enterprise or organization.
    • So, if you find yourself at a crossroads, either professionally or personally, or if you simply want to increase your knowledge and understanding of critical business subjects, this is a program that moves you further toward becoming an Economic Hero©.