• This is a program for the individual wanting to increase his or her understanding of the world of business and why it works the way it does.  More than that, it is a program for those who have a vision or dream they have been thinking about transforming into reality.
    • This course takes the participant to a new level of business management that is currently unavailable at any of today’s business schools.  The course of study will integrate what you know, what you have experienced and what you would like to do with new and exciting principles and concepts ... principles and concepts that will change the way you look at business, the business enterprise and those working within the enterprise.  It explores how to be an employer, attracting the right people, managing employees and making sound decisions about people as you grow your business.  This is a real-time, reality-based, results oriented program for the man or woman with a desire to succeed.
    • This intensive adult learner-focused program will result in professional certification for the successful participant.  He or she will earn the title Certified Practicing Entreprenologist© which tells the world you are an Economic Hero© and a valuable asset to the community and society at large.