• This program is for the individual who has ever thought about going down the start-up path.  It is for the man or woman with a pioneering spirit who has a vision that he or she is confident will succeed. Maybe it’s a new retailing venture or perhaps a new service or one type or another. In either case, if you possess the drive, ingenuity and independent attitude, this could be for you.
    • The program is an essentials-approach to business fundamentals. It focuses on areas known to be critical to business survival such as a functional understanding of skills like accounting, marketing, time and self-management, etc. It will also introduce you to individual skills such as building confidence and handling difficult situations. This is a reality-based program providing practical knowledge, skills and information that can be applied immediately.
    • This intensive adult learner-focused program rewards the successful participant with the designation Certified MEOM. It says that he or she has a functional understanding of those subject areas known to be critical to business success.
    • If you have ever thought of being self-employed or would simply like to increase your understanding of business fundamentals, this is a program that you should consider as it will enable you to step onto the path to becoming an Economic Hero©.