• This is a program for the individual wanting to broaden his or her understanding of their role as an employer and business creator.
    • This fourth level program differs in scope and focus from institutional management courses.  It is for those who have a vision and want to take up the personal and professional challenge of engineering what they see in their mind's eye into a highly successful reality.
    • This course takes the participant to a level of practical business management that is currently unavailable at any of today’s business schools.  The course of study will integrate your knowledge and your experience with totally new and exciting principles and concepts that will change the way you look at your business enterprise and those working within the enterprise. Along with business practicalities, it looks at your ability to guide long-term growth as you expand your workforce, your services and your market potential, locally and globally, while coping effectively with the challenges presented by rapid and continual economic change.
    • This is a real-time, reality-based, results oriented program for the man or woman who knows the value of time and the heights they want to achieve.  The learning-intensive adult learner focused course will result in our top professional certification. For the successful participant, he or she will be designated a Certified Visioneer© , and establish you as a role model Economic Hero©.